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West Herts Hockey Club is a successful, Clubs First accredited, forward thinking club that aims to provide hockey for all standards of player, man and woman, boy & girl,

  • Six men's sides: In the East League from Premier A down to Division 8SW.

  • Five womens's sides: 1st XI in East Div 1, 2nd XI in Div 2SW and other teams play in Five Counties Premier to Division 5.

  • A Junior section with excellent coaching and teams across all age groups, from Under 8's to Under 18's

  • Men's and a Women's veterans teams.

  • Men's and Women's indoor sides, both with recent national league experience

For information about membership please contact the following:

Senior Men: Stuart Day (07708 940753)

Senior Women: Harriet Preest (07718 207983)

Juniors: Penny Mortlock (WestHertsJuniors@gmail.com)

47m @West_HertsHC profile picture West_HertsHC @West_HertsHC
West Herts Hockey Club - End of Season Dinner https://t.co/hKjHP2puwe

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14 Feb @West_HertsHC profile picture West_HertsHC @West_HertsHC
What more could you want this Valentine’s Day than #fixturesonfriday 🏑💙 🏑💙 pic.twitter.com/TwbiJG5day

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08 Feb @West_HertsHC profile picture West_HertsHC @West_HertsHC
RT @KiranRaichura: A second consecutive home win at fortress New Field for @West_HertsHC Mens 2s. A first clean sheet of the season to grin…

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07 Feb @West_HertsHC profile picture West_HertsHC @West_HertsHC
Happy Friday! Here’s the full list of tomorrow’s fixtures #fixturesonfriday #gostags 🏑 pic.twitter.com/mKwB190OCu

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01 Feb @West_HertsHC profile picture West_HertsHC @West_HertsHC
M6 happy chaps after a 6-2 away win today at Bishop's Stortford. Would have posted a pic for @HockeyTeas of the bur… https://t.co/LIuwUW7j7S

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31 Jan @West_HertsHC profile picture West_HertsHC @West_HertsHC
🏑#fixturesonfriday🏑 Lots of big games this weekend, let’s go and get those points (and celebrate some wins with som… https://t.co/VIi50f2qrW

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30 Jan @West_HertsHC profile picture West_HertsHC @West_HertsHC
@KiranRaichura Well I bought masks for my team's line guys...don't encounter many drag flickers in Div 8...but defl… https://t.co/P6hIJ2SoHQ

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30 Jan @West_HertsHC profile picture West_HertsHC @West_HertsHC
@Sieffy8 I'm concerned by where people tackle from...I managed to hit a lad in the head who came in from the left a… https://t.co/HcBEpz2zbg

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29 Jan @West_HertsHC profile picture West_HertsHC @West_HertsHC
Btw @TheHockeyPaper physical copies will be in the clubhouse from Saturday, please read and share...and don't put t… https://t.co/My8xUnI3ZE

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