Old School "Ties"

The 2007 Squads of the School and Old Fullerians

There has been a long and successful connection between Watford Boys Grammar School and West Herts Hockey Club- an association that culminated in the construction of the New field astro in 1998. Watford Boys is ranked very highly among the country's schools for hockey, having won a string of awards both outdoor and indoor over the years. In the 2006/7 season around 25 of the schoolboys have been dotted through the West Herts playing staff from the 1st XI down.

In large measure this success is due to the passion and professional commitment of Graeme Welch, who has been a champion of the sport at the school for thirty years; in 2007 West Herts recognised this long term commitment by awarding him the Geoff Paddison Trophy, the number of players introduced in Graeme's time at Watford Boys' is almost countless.

Now they have the additional presence of Matt Grinham from Southgate HC as head coach.

The connection between the two entities goes to the immediate post -war years, and until recently- despite being in his 70s- John Pearson, a pupil from that era, took to the field in the second team game alongside team mates many years his junior!

Back in the '80s and '90s the 1st XI of the mens club consisted entirely of Old Fullerians, something that seemed to be a source of irritation to some newcomers to the club!

One of the highlights in the calendar for those of us that are "OFs" is the double-headed fixture that rounds off the school's season. This year despite horrible weather conditions the quality of both games was high, with the school 1's being defeated 4-1. In the "reserves" game the Old Boys' experience again told and they won a hard fought game 4-3 against one of the best school 2nd XIs seen in recent times.

Here are some images from past Old Boys games- sadly in 2008 the weather was too atrocious for photography!

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I am currently trying to develop Old Fullerians Hockey Club with the full approval of the main OF association. If you would be interested in joining, or purchasing a red "club" shirt- priced at £20, please contact me at: captain_ralph55@hotmail.com or by mail at 63 Nascot St, Watford, Herts WD17 4YB, or ring 07884 264247.